Coral Reefs Karimun Jawa Island

karimun jawa terumbu karang

Coral Reefs Karimun Jawa Island

This is article writing in 2011. Do you know Indonesia have more than one destination national park ? Until now, indonesia have 50 national park and Karimun Jawa Island is one of them. When my team go to there, i believe no more beautiful island as this place. This can bee look from coral reefs in clear of the sea. More than 200 species in this place be on the sea. The people in there also still protect the beauty of the sea.

My team is very happy and very satisfied for this place. I hope in 10 year, this place still like this. In karimun jawa you can see dolphin, reef shark, white shark, stingray and green turtle no escape is nemo fish. It’s feels like i want to live on this island.

My Trip in Karimun Jawa Island

I go to there use private car from jakarta to semarang with my friends. On 01.00 WIB, we leave and arrived in 03.00 WIB next day. Hey, why is so long day to arrived in there ? Yes, because at the time we go to there on Aidilfitri day (hari raya muslim) and we have more than 29 hours in yogyakarta. Before we go to the semarang, we decide to break on 1 day in yogyakarta to see Grebek event it is an experience that you rarely get because it only lasts 2 times in 1 year. And the morning, we go to semarang – jepara to cross to karimun jawa island. We travel in there 4 days 3 night. On that time the price for traveling in there is not expensive. 700.000 rupiah or $90 / pax in 4d3n. If you add $25/pax you can stay in yogyakarta until 2 days before back to jakarta.

Trouble at Backpacker

Do you know, maybe this is one that until now is still, the difficulty in queuing for port tickets when you want to cross in karimun jawa. There is no good rules and when the rules are only allowed 7 tickets you have buy, they do it more. But if you arrive early you may be able to hold your ticket and stay in queue.


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